Backyard Cinema, Clueless

                  For my last night living in London I did something Iv always wanted to do, openair cinema! I choose to go to the Backyard Cinema at Camden Lock and it was defiantly a good choice. The decor was amazing, stripy deck chairs, stripy popcorn bags and a ceiling of fairy lights […]

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Summer and Secret Gardens

This summer I took a trip to the Isle Of Wight and went to Osborn House where I found the walled garden which was full of beautiful flowers. My favourite was the lavender, for the colour and the smell! Im wearing a Clueless inspired outfit, double pale pink tartan, I love it because you can […]

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Pastel Pink and Pleather

This is somewhere I dont visit enough in Oxford, its so beautiful and theres so many nooks and crannies to get lost in. Last year I went a bit over board on the pastel colours so this year Im trying to work pastel colours into my style without it taking over the outfit. Iv done […]

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Spindles and Sunshine

So I felt like a massive tourist but I thought I would take a trip to see the London eye, when you live in London so much interesting artitecture and beautiful views become mundane and just part of the scenery.  It was luckly a lovly sunny day ( had my umbrella at the ready just in […]

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