Backyard Cinema, Clueless

                  For my last night living in London I did something Iv always wanted to do, openair cinema! I choose to go to the Backyard Cinema at Camden Lock and it was defiantly a good choice. The decor was amazing, stripy deck chairs, stripy popcorn bags and a ceiling of fairy lights […]

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End Of The Line

This is where I spend a lot of my time, travelling to and from work. Normally Im stuffed up against a sleepy commuter or huge backpack but luckily that day it was empty! Its very surreal that there are millions of people on the tube but normally it is in silence, quite weird in a […]

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Spindles and Sunshine

So I felt like a massive tourist but I thought I would take a trip to see the London eye, when you live in London so much interesting artitecture and beautiful views become mundane and just part of the scenery.  It was luckly a lovly sunny day ( had my umbrella at the ready just in […]

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