Nofx and Alkaline Trio Brixton 02 2015 


On July the 4th I went to see two of my favorite bands in Brixton, London. I know that was ages ago but Iv been mega lazy, like 4 months lazy. Back now and have so much to post. 

 Even though Iv been in London for years I had never been to Brixton 02, and wow it was something. It looks great from the outside and then inside all of the decor is ornate and there seems to be many different areas to hang in! As a very small person, the slopped floor was the best thing ever, I could actually see ( I imagine quite hard to navigate when drunk though)!  

Having seen NOFX 9 times making this show my 10th NOFX show I wasn’t sure how the two bands were going to share the time as they are just a big as each other. In my wildest dreams I thought they might all be on stage and play a mix of both bands songs but obviously that’s not really possible! Alkaline Trio played first with matching jackets ( their own merch, which made me want to buy it) then NOFX came on with Fat mike dressed as a women of course. 

Although Alkaline trio are one of my favorite bands I had only seen them once before at a festival and they were better live than recorded. That night they played songs from old and new albums, some I didn’t even know which has lead me to go deeper into their back catalogue. 

Nofx were how NOFX always are, talking shit on stage, getting drunk/high and playing so loud, fast and raw that they don’t seem like they have been doing it for 25 years. Many people have asked me over the years why do I love a ” shit” band, because they don’t give a flying fuck and they live beyond the constraints of what people believe is society. 

Do you have a favorite band or love seeing live music? Comment below! 


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