Gingham and Gatecrashers

DSC_0725 DSC_0782 DSC_0818 DSC_0731 DSC_0775 DSC_0764 DSC_0809

Today a little somebody decided to join me in the photos, Chequers our Dalmatian! Today Im wearing a strapy gingham dress with a black silk style blouse over the top. As many of you in England will know, sometimes its sunny but not sunny enough to warrant a strapy dress, this is where the black blouse comes in and adds that needed layer. Iv also got my studded bag at the ready which feels like a proper grown up bag due to the shape and texture of the fake leather. Once again wearing the JuJu jelly shoes as they seem quite strapy and are so comfortable!! Recently I have become a bit of a ring enthusiast and am always on the eyeout for anything shiny! Hope your having fun in the sun!

Dress: Handmade

Blouse: H&M

Bag: Aldo

Shoes: JUJU

Necklace: Nasty Gal

Rings: BloodyMary Metal and small gem stone shops


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